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High-Net-Worth Individuals

High-Net-Worth Individuals


For the last 16+ years, Hillel has worked with many funds, including some managing billions of dollars. With prior positions ranging from fund accountant, CFO, and principal, Hillel has learned the ins and outs of the private equity, venture, and hedge fund world. Hillel is a CPA and holds a B.S. from Yeshiva University and a Master of Business from the University of Southern California.

Accounts Manager

Ralph Heidings leverages his vast financial and management expertise to enhance operational efficiency and drive performance improvements. Through strategic analysis and collaborative leadership, he identifies opportunities for optimization, streamlines processes, and empowers businesses to achieve their operational objectives effectively. Ralph is a CPA and holds a B.A. from Queens College with a major in economics and accounting.

Director of Finance

Daniel complements our early stage and start-up advisory services with his significant analytical experience. Daniel previously worked as an analyst for Hain Capital. Daniel holds a B.A. in mathematics and an M.A. in financial economics.